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A brand is like a person

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Author : tatum
Update time : 2022-01-20 17:04:02
A brand is like a person. If you change your face too much, the more confused you get  
The author of this article is He Yaya, grass-roots cultural officer of OBM Division  
In recent years, brand consumption wave comes fierce, for enterprises, brand has become the stepping stone to enter the market, then, what is brand?  

The word brand comes from the Guroway character BrandR-brand, literally we can feel the value of the brand brought to us.  Generally speaking, when we buy air conditioning, the first impression in our mind is Gree - good air conditioning, Gree made.  When girls buy clothes and cosmetics, they also give priority to branded products.  Brand, a seemingly virtual thing, is deeply "branded" in the hearts of consumers. Next, let's talk about Bonsen brand.  
Since 2011, we have established our own brand "Bonsaii", which has gradually expanded to include "Bonsenkitchen", "bang fresh sheng", "Aroma Room", "FRESKO" and "bang sound".  And for different brands, the definition of visual expression.  

Brands often have cultural and emotional connotations, so they add value to products.  Consumers or users through the brand, through the use of brand products, feel satisfied, will form around the brand consumption experience, stored in memory, for the future consumption decisions to form the basis.  
Some enterprises in the promotion, more attention is paid to product highlights, peer advantages and comprehensive strength of the publicity, but if you want to implant the brand into the heart of consumers, but also from the brand concept to increase publicity.  Consumers will be touched by the concept of mental model, and then they will be influenced by their purchasing behavior and even their living conditions through vision, hearing and behavior. A new concept of quality will be generated and the brand will be implanted in their hearts.  In short, when you want to buy a paper shredder, the bonsai brand comes to mind.  

In order to make OBM's existing brands more unified and standardized in visual form, we have made a unified and standardized arrangement for brand identity/brand color/product texture output, so that people can recognize Bonsen brand at a glance.  
For OBM, the visual presentation of pictures is the only channel to communicate with consumers, and the refined expression of this piece is particularly important.  

Our standard design output, enhance our brand power in the market, fine visual presentation, hope to be able to set sail for Bonsen in the international community, contribute our own modest strength.